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Peer Testimonials

“Real communication happens when people feel safe, for it is a product of trust. In a dentist, people look for someone whom they can trust and who is a good listener. Dr. Guy Deyton is such a dentist. He listens to your needs and exuberates confidence, for he is good at what he does. He has a way of making other people feel good about themselves and it is this attribute, among many others, which brings out the best in him and others.” 

-Dr. Bob Fox, Dentist in Cape Girardeau, Missouri


“Dr. Deyton is a man of boundless energy, a man with a wealth of knowledge but still demands of himself a greater learning; a man with a burning desire to make life better for everyone he comes in contact with; a man whose personal needs are secondary to the needs of others; a man who constantly wants to share his abilities with colleagues, friends and patients – a natural teacher, a remarkable clinician.” 

-Dr. Jake Lippert, Executive Director of the Missouri Dental Association


“It is my privilege to know Dr. Guy Deyton on both a personal and professional level. His dedication to his patients, to the dental public, and to the dental profession is unsurpassed. I am a better dentist for my association with Dr. Deyton, and am proud to call him my friend and my peer.” 

-Dr. Jay Sheets, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in Cape Girardeau, Missouri


“Guy is an incredible asset not only to our profession but to citizens of our state. He has done more than any individual that I know in improving the quality of care to our patients, expanding education to our auxiliaries and bringing all parties of our profession together for the common good of our citizens. If there ever was a more deserving 'Dentist of the Year,' I don’t know who that individual would be. I feel honored to call Guy Deyton my colleague and my friend.” 

-Dr. Neil Riley, Dentist in Columbia, Missouri


In addition to being very knowledgeable and skilled, Dr. Deyton is a very caring, compassionate person who really cares about his patients. He is the dentist I recommend to anyone moving to Kansas City.” 

-Dr. Chuck Fuzner, Dentist in St. Louis, Missouri


“Guy Deyton is a dentist's dentist. He constantly works to improve the dental health of his patient, directly in the office and indirectly in continuing education, and pushing politically for patient advocacy. He really cares for his patients.” 

-Dr. Bob Brunker, Editor of FOCUS: Journal of the Missouri Dental Association


Dr. Deyton is a wonderful individual who is a strong advocate for his patients and our profession. He has an amazing work ethic and is devoted to the best possible care for those individuals who choose him as their dentist. I'm proud to call him my friend.” 

-Dr. John Flucke, Dentist in Lee's Summit, Missouri


“The development of long-term health relationships with families is a most satisfying outcome for a professional. Dr. Guy Deyton and his staff commit their minds, hearts and hands to the building of these relationships. I appreciate and admire their continued commitment to their family of patients.” 

-Dr. Tim Curry, Dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri


“Dr. Guy Deyton has served as a leader, innovator, and statesman for dentistry in Missouri. I have very much admired his ability to work with colleagues and his ability to roll up his sleeves to do the work necessary to improve the health of Missouri citizens. He is a great communicator.” 

-Dr. Tom Lemons, Dentist in Palmyra, Missouri


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Guy almost 25 years from our days in dental school together. In my opinion, the dental students of today should look no further for a role model than Dr. Deyton. He sets a standard of excellence in his clinical practice and professional activism that we should all try to attain.” 

-Dr. Robert Butler, Dentist in St. Louis, Missouri


“It has been my privilege to work with Dr. Guy Deyton as he served as the Chairman for a major committee of the Missouri State Dental Board and later as President of the state dental association. Although the problems dealt with regarded the dental community, it was always quite clear his bottom line interests were how our profession can best serve and provide for the welfare of the public and not simply its doctors. Dr. Deyton is a man with high integrity, character, ethics, morals, and a willingness to do what is right for others. Rest assured, he will always give his all to accomplish any responsibility given him, his patients' care in particular.” 

-Dr. Allan Brown, Associate Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at UMKC School of Dentistry


Dr. Guy Deyton makes visiting a dentist a pleasure! Not only does he care for one’s dental health, he creates an atmosphere of trust and comfort ensuring a relaxed and pleasant experience. His concern for the total health of the patient is evidenced by his study and awareness of current dental and medical practices. Dr. Deyton’s mission statement posted in his office truly says it all, 'to genuinely care about each person that comes through our door.'” 

-Maxine Thompson, Public Member of the Missouri Dental Board


“I have heard many times over the years of the wonderful work you do, including all the charitable work for the underprivileged in the Kansas City area. It was my privilege to work for the Missouri Dental Board during your tenure on the Board. With your leadership, honesty and integrity, you brought the Board through many difficult challenges. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication, especially on the Board’s Conscious Sedation and Deep Sedation rules, and even though you are no longer a member of the Board, you continue to volunteer your time to assist the Board whenever possible. You will always have my utmost respect as a person, a professional and a friend.” 

-Sharlene Rimiller, Executive Director of the Missouri Dental Board


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