Welcome to ExtraordinaryCare™

At Deyton Dentistry we believe in providing you the best care possible. We base our system of care on the Mayo Clinic Model of collaboration and team work.


The Mayo Clinic Model: Collaborative Teams Mean Better Care

Simply put, our mission at Deyton Dentistry is to deliver ExtraordinaryCareTM to each person that  walks through our doors. Our approach is based on the two founding principles of the Mayo Clinic:

  1. The needs of the patient come first.
  2. Positive, collaborative teamwork results in the best care!

Because we are different, we attract outstanding staff who are perpetual learners, strive to be experts in their field, and work well together. Our clients notice the difference in the service they receive. 

We’re proud that 98% of our clients rate their care as very good or excellent. Click here to learn more about our dental services.


Our 5 Foundational Values 



Above all else you must be able to trust what you hear from your doctor. We believe honesty is the basis of all lasting relationships and includes integrity, the behavior that puts honesty in action. If there is more than one way to meet your goals, we’ll share it and decide together.


We commit to serving your needs first and foremost. We will listen closely to you and always treat you with kindness.


To us, being professional means treating you with respect, communicating our expertise effectively, and continually learning new ways to offer you state-of-the-art care.


We collaborate with you and other professionals in our field to achieve the results you want.

Positive Attitude:

We commit to being a beacon of positivity for everyone we come in contact with. 


Our People Make the Difference!

There is a reason that we are the #1 rated dental office in Kansas City and that 98% of our clients would recommend us. We are committed to your comfort, delivering ExtraordinaryCare!TM

Why choose us? Here are 8 really good reasons why we're ranked as the #1 dentist in Kansas City!


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