What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

10 reasons to consider dental implants:

1. Make a better first impression. Let’s be honest. People with an attractive smile make a better first impression than people with missing or obviously fake teeth.

2. Look better by replacing missing teeth. You may think that people don’t notice, but they do! A study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists showed that people attribute negative characteristics to others with missing teeth.

3. Look better by eliminating ugly partial denture wire clasps. Wire clasps that show are a sign of obviously fake teeth. An implant-supported partial denture is anchored securely and doesn’t need wire clasps.

4. Chew MUCH better. Enjoy chewing like you used to! Studies prove that people with implant-supported teeth chew up to 5 times harder than people with conventional dentures.

5. Talk more confidently. People with loose dentures simply talk less to avoid the embarrassment of loose teeth. An implant-supported denture snaps in “rock solid.” With implant-supported dentures, embarrassment is a thing of the past.

6. Eliminate sore gums. Gums can get pinched between a hard denture and the underlying bone. Loose dentures cause sores because dentures rub. Implants secure and support teeth to eliminate sore gums.

7. Eliminate gagging with upper dentures. Because conventional dentures need suction, they extend far enough toward the back of the mouth to gag some people. Implant-supported dentures don’t need suction to stay in and eliminate gagging.

8. Smile and laugh out loud with confidence! Denture wearers know that opening very wide can unseat some upper dentures, and lower dentures must be carefully held in place with cheek and tongue muscles to avoid “floating.” With implants, you can kiss those concerns goodbye and laugh out loud, because all your teeth are held firmly in place and look great.

9. Preserve tooth support and prevent the “sunken gum” look. You know that when teeth are taken out, gums sink in. The truth is that biting on teeth exercises the bone and makes it grow, like lifting weights exercises your muscles. When teeth are gone, bones shrink. Biting on implants reverses that process and stimulates your bone to maintain its strength.

10. Dental implants are a proven, successful treatment. Dental implants have been used for almost 60 years and are one of the most successful treatments in medicine. With success rates around 90 percent, there is no reason to delay treatment.


We understand that dental implants can be a big decision. You can read more about Dental Implants or browse our Dental Implants FAQ page.

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