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At Deyton Dentistry we've taken a different approach to healthcare. We've intentionally recruited talented, caring dental health professionals to our Kansas City dental practice who are both excellent and kind. Our positive approach is based on the two founding principles of the Mayo Clinic:

  1. The needs of the patient come first.
  2. Collegial, cooperative teamwork results in the best care!


We're proud that 98% of our patients rate their dental care as very good or excellent, and Dr. Guy Deyton is also very proud to be recognized as the #1 rated dentist in Kansas City! From general dentistry services such as regular teeth cleanings, oral cancer or gum disease screenings, to complete smile makeovers and advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures like implant dentistry, Dr. Deyton has you covered. You'll receive a high-quality dental experience that will leave you smiling with confidence.


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Our Kansas City dental office sees patients and clients from the northland, the Kansas City metro area, and many out-of-state patients and clients who travel to see us. We are equipped with the latest technology and dental treatment capabilities for general, restorative, sedation, and cosmetic dentistry. We offer every amenity to make you as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to provide the best dental experience you've ever had. Whether your dental treatment needs are simple or complex, we look forward to extending you ExtraordinaryCareTM here at Deyton Dentistry.

We provide an array of general and specialized dental services:

Why choose us? Here are 8 really good reasons why we are ranked the #1 dentist in Kansas City.

After browsing our site and patient education resources, please don't hesitate to contact our north Kansas City general & cosmetic dental office for additional information on how you can receive ExtraordinaryCareTM from our caring dental health professionals, allowing you to maintain the optimum oral health you deserve.

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